Yesterday I said I would talk another day about the mechanism of the interaction among the cell, the sugar, the insulin, and the role played by the minerals as that is the source of the ”complications” – blindness, gangrene,etc..
I decided today would be the day.

The pancreas makes insulin. Insulin allows blood sugar to gain entry into the cells of your body.

The difference between type 1 and 2 diabetes is simple.

In type 1 the cells in the pancreas that make insulin have been destroyed, no insulin is made.

In type 2 the pancreas makes insulin, but the body has become inefficient at opening the doors on the cells to let the sugar in. Because of this inefficiency, type 2 diabetics make much more insulin than non-diabetics.

Many people think sugar is bad and is the cause of diabetes. This idea is very far from the truth.

Sugar is the fuel for the body. The body makes sugar, even, or especially, from fat through a process called gluconeogenesis.

What happens when sugar enters the bloodstream?

A healthy person eats something with sugar, the body realizes that and secretes insulin. Now there is insulin and sugar in the blood. Insulin lands on the wall of a cell on an insulin receptor site and sends a message to let the sugar in. There are at least 27 minerals needed to transmit the signal, the main ones are chromium and vanadium.

In a type 2 diabetic, insulin rings the bell, the door to the cell stays closed, because the signal did not make it. It’s as if the wire from the button to the doorbell has been cut. Sugar builds up in the blood because it can’t get in the door. The pancreas makes more insulin. Doctors might give you MORE insulin. Eventually so much insulin is created that it busts down the wall of the cell to force the sugar in. This causes damage to the cell. Enough damage and the cell is destroyed.

The destruction of the cells is what causes blindness, lost extremities, etc.

If you just manage your symptoms with drugs, or worse, bring in the SWAT team of additional insulin, your body still needs to bust down the cell walls.

Replenish the minerals, and you can keep your sight and your feet.
Why wouldn’t you do that?

Make it a GREAT DAY!!! And ‘bye for now.